We won’t sleep tonight

Four of us in a car driving at night.
All four focussed, all silent.
Shoulders shifting sideways in the curves
and back.
Two in front, two behind
A four-cornered ambition
We cruise through the night;
I’m sitting in the back, staring ahead
like the others.
A dark universe except our grey gravelled road.
Steady flashes of white lines and dots
guiding us
through a vision of less than twenty feet.
A steady heart rate pulsing.
Darkness around except our lights
half revealing autumn branches that reach for us.
Round a curve, shoulders shift,
A slight release of the wheel and the car straightens.
Steady we travel

In fact, we’ve done our job
so we could relax …
Inside we’re buzzing for more.

So we won’t sleep tonight.

Not tonight.