For a moment

The room was square with chairs placed against the side – four of them, all blue. White walls. I walked across the grey-blue textured carpet. There was a distinct coffee spill – probably instant coffee judging from the dull colour.

The chairs were square shaped too. I took a seat on the one of them.

A fire extinguisher hung on the wall. Above it: safety instructions and exit map in case of an emergency

I waited.

What future possibilities could one expect from a room like this?

A round clock ticked.

I looked over to the glass pane. It was a slightly wavy glass with steel crosshatch reinforcement. A blurred figure of a woman was working on a computer on the other side. She moved her computer mouse on a blue mousepad and she raised her right index finger.

My eyes closed …

That wave, I really went for it.
That moment felt good.
It was aggression overcoming fear,
confidence overcoming consequences,
knowing that, yes, once I was up on the board,
the wave and I were equal.
Struggle, push, rise
I swerved and swerved to the right
towards the shining green curve
of cold water
with long white veins, stretching
unrelentlessly upwards and frothing from above to below
I swerved closer reaching for that soft underbelly
showing me the depths of the sea
and the souls of the sailors
buried with their kegs and treasure,
lost, singing, searching and struggling
through sun-ray filled cold brine
searching further, like me
And I sought too far
trying with my fingertips to touch that fleeting wave
I reached too far,
and the wave pushed me forward
ate me fully with a jaw splashing into a thousand skybound droplets.
Pushed below the surface, swallowed
toward a belly full of lost treasure.
Washed, pushed, up, down and around
but I held on. My head popped up soon enough looking
for the horizon, and, once I was back onboard,
waiting for the line to wobble and lift to the sky
as another wave forms. We’ll try again.

But for a moment we were equal –
gravity defying gravity –
as both I and the wave balanced,
existed and wobbled on the verges of possibility.

Her index finger clicked on the mouse. I looked at the clock.