This space has been created to exchange ideas and spark creativity. Gathered round a fire would be (used to be) the ideal place but those fires have gone. So too the discussions. The discussions about things that matter and what’s going on around us. And here we are. All in different places. All wondering what’s going on.

The digital medium is fast, collaborative and central. It’s perfect for discussing things. But the medium is transient, a mere twinkle in a vast universe of distraction. So the aim is ultimately to take content, from here, and ensure that it enjoys a more permanent and meaningful medium somehow.

Why now?

We are living in an important time.  A zeitgeist, and it is worthwhile to observe, discuss, create. For this reason, the rationale behind this project has been reflected by the following words:

KAIROS: an ancient Greek word to represent significant moments in time (as opposed to linear time, chronos), or what we would today call “milestones”

HADITH: an Arabic word meaning conversation, or new, novel. From the root h-d-th “to come to pass; to relate”