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The Improbable Journey of Infinite Possibility

There was no brief, no invitation, no mission statement; you simply awoke and it had already begun.

You find you are both trapped and empowered by the vehicle they have given you, as strong and lonely as a bathysphere, as apt and fragile as a seedling on the wind. It will protect you, define you, redefine you, and ultimately, eventually, it will betray you.

We are all isotopes, built from the same matter, and yet undeniably distinct and unique – infinite outcomes from finite means. Amidst the infinite variety there is a dichotomy; animus and anima we are, Blake’s two irreconcilable halves of a broken whole. We struggle to understand, to maintain a common ground – were we ever meant to? Is this a quest for knowledge, for truth and virtue? Or is its purpose more picaresque?

Memento mori … tempus fugit … the atomic clock has always been ticking, relatively or not. Moments and eons are not measured out in decimals or on the fingers of children, but in the deeds and faults of those who try and falter, who take the unending horizon as an invitation to go further. We are not the centre of the universe, nor the force that drives existence, but we are an irreplaceable part of it.

There is still time to take a chance and step over the edge.