Finding the path with Joseph Campbell

I read “Hero of a Thousand Faces” three times in a row.

I could tell, from reading just a few sentences and from gauging the rhythm and word-choice that this writer knew.

Knew what he was talking about – or he was tapping into something – but what? Like a musician grooving. Or like my old swimming coach who could speak directly to a deep level of my consciousness.

There was so much information in that book. So many leads. So many stories. It was a book that one could read over and over.

The man who wrote it, Joseph Campbell, knew that telling stories was a quick form of communication, an effective form of remembering information and a reliant way to save concepts, through the ages, through centuries. In his work, he weaved information with stories and key life lessons.

I read more about him and I felt an affinity. I was pleased (and relieved) to read that he was an athlete, worked in education and was married to a dancer. I smiled at the similarities.

I felt, at first, as though, this a was true guiding person for me.

As I read on, he made it absolutely clear to follow your own path: to find your own “bliss”. The insecure path is the secure path. Building resilience and agility.

He is therefore an inspiration for me and, thank a thousand gods, someone I gladly stumbled across, as I carry on.

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