Why did you move me?

“Here in the city man dies oppressed at heart, man perishes with despair in his heart. I have looked over the wall and I see the bodies floating on the river, and that will be my lot also. Indeed I know it is so, but whoever is tallest among men cannot reach the heavens, and the greatest cannot encompass the earth. Therefore I would enter that country: because I have not established my name stamped on brick as my destiny decreed, I will go to the country where the cedar is cut. I will set up my name where the names of famous men are written; and where no man’s name is written I will raise a monument to the gods.” The tears ran down his face and he said, “Alas it is a long journey that I must take to the land of Humbaba. If this enterprise is not to be accomplished, why did you move me, Shamash, with a restless desire to perform it?”

I am too easily easily distracted these days. My attention is waiting to be focussed; my energy poised.

I, too, looked over the wall.

Look at this complex world, now, layer of complexity added upon layer of complexity. I need to do something

Yes, I would rather be moved,
than not.

Let me try. Let me see the full universe as it is, now that I am here.

Keep moving me.