We can’t imagine


It’s all too much to imagine.
All this time …

Gently flowing through time like a flower in a brook
because I might as well be.

There’s a universe out there. Stars and galaxies.

They say we can see about 30 billion stars in the sky
which, coincidentally,
corresponds to the number of men who have walked this Earth.

So, over time, every human – looking up –
can rest assured, that there’s a star for them.

Amongst it all: our planet floating in space;
because it might as well be.

Vaster than we can or can’t imagine …

And here we are – floating through space and flowing through time.

Have you thought of times when you felt

When you remembered that you are, yes, you are

Jumping into a cold river in early summer,
a river that emerged out of the Earth
just like we did.

Seeing a loved one again or, oh, laughing with a friend.

Or climbing up a mountain
like maybe millions of men before you have done.
__They say that the mountains have soul.
__All life comes from the mountains, after all.

Ah, hullo, you.

Someone pressed your nose.
And you forgot what you were thinking about.

And in the meantime a star exploded.
And nearby
A flower dropped into a river.

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