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Thinking of blue

A colour.

Snoozing on a warm afternoon, looking up at the clear blue sky,
My mind wanders …

Perfect blue. It feels right to see this blue.

A colour, nothing more than a vibration
Atoms and energy, playing a colour.
Light from the sun bouncing around our atmosphere.

Early man must’ve noticed this unique colour.
He looked at the blue dome above us
And the blue sea,
Both changing colour / mood at the same time
Both essential to his life, he knew.

Blue must, therefore, be the colour of
“Source” – air and water, energies, both sustaining life.

Also sustaining the life-giver:

The sun’s humus.
The sun god’s domain:

It is the colour of our home, a colour we can trust.

A perfect blue.

Future man, when he travels to other worlds
When he lands
He will look up at the blue dome above him and he will know,
If this new world will support him
Simply from the colour of the atmosphere.

Not fluorescent blue or cyan;
Perfect blue.
Life blue.

Opening his visor, allowing his nostrils and pupils to widen,
breathing in and looking at the blue sky,

Feels like home.