The puzzle

It was a warm late summer’s day and I was upset, dismayed and lost. I felt overwhelmed and lay on the sofa, overlooking the evening sun set on the street outside.

I suddenly became very tired. I rested my head on the sofa arm and I slipped into a half sleep state when the following vision came to me:

I was staying at a youth hostel somewhere near the fishing village in an exotic and warm country.
I was walking along the beach and the sand was golden white.
There was a beautiful lady lying on the sand. I walked past her and then noticed an incredible view of the village in the distance, and with green palms leaves in the foreground and a bright blue sky in the background, it made a beautiful picture. The beach was a large bay and the village was reflected in the flat blue shallow water
I took out my phone and took a picture. To get a better angle, I stood in the water but the sand was soft and suddenly it gave way. I started sinking and I quickly tried to throw the phone and notebook onto the beach but I didn’t throw it far enough, they were getting wet. I tried to push the phone towards the shore but I couldn’t get close.
I kept sinking and I was eventually submerged underwater. A current then took me downwards deeper into the water.
Despite being a strong swimmer, I couldn’t swim against the current – it was too strong. The current took me deeper into darker water past huge shelves of rock and further down wards into the cold deep water. I was very scared. The current kept taking me further downwards and then stopped when I arrived into a massive rock atrium which could have been hundreds of yards in diameter. There were rock formed columns and in between them huge whale-sized creatures drifted around.
I started searching under one of the rock shelves and found a something which looked like small red puzzle piece for a 3D game or 10-sided large red lego piece.
I held the piece and suddenly I could swim up through the water and had the confidence to swim all the way to the top.
My head popped up above the surface and I swam to the shore to find my phone and notebook dry.