Feelings (for someone else)

Isn’t it remarkable what you can achieve in life?

At times when strolling – lost in my own thoughts – through a park or along a street, I used to think about some of the things I’ve achieved. It warmed me to think about such things and I felt proud.

I was proud that I had some goals in my life and that I managed to achieve them, whether they were in academia, in art, in sport or in my career.

And yet none of it was really that remarkable. Sure, I tried my best.

How can I compare anything that I have done to what you, a woman, has done. You brought someone to earth, to our home. That small being grew inside of you for nine months whilst you went about your daily business. That small being told you when she was ready to join us and then after she came through the messy threshold you held her close and told her how much you loved her. You have looked after her and nurtured her with such love and patience since.

You gave someone the opportunity to experience this universe.

In that moment, as our child was being born, I felt for the first time in my life a feeling of being proud – and I was proud of you.

I felt so immensely proud.