A letter

I came last in the race by eight seconds.
And I was so disappointed.
That’s not so bad, you said.
We sat down and with our fingers we counted those eight seconds together.
That helped me.
I’ve had a lot of success since then.

Twenty five years later
I wanted to give up near the end of my training;
Thirty more presentations, you said,
That’s no so bad.
And we sat down and wrote those presentations together.
That helped me through.

A few months later I had another interview.
After so many rejections, I said,
What’s the point?
You said – one more interview, great,
I’ll drive up with you.
So we drove up together
And to my surprise,
I’ve had a lot of success since then.

Thank you for believing in me.
Thank you for never giving up.
Thank you for teaching me those two lessons
Even though it took me this long to learn.