Necklace / rebirth / care

I stood by the shore, afternoon sun, with the surfboard and wearing my wetsuit ready to enter the warm waters of the West coast of France.

Recently, I had found a necklace that I wore when I was a child. It was a string necklace with a carving of a dolphin. I wore it again – or, rather it wanted to be worn. When I put it on, I connected with something. Some nondescipt memories came back (ones that I could neither see, feel or describe) but memories of something. Something activated.

Earlier in the day, I thought that there might be a chance that I would lose the necklace in the water when I go surfing.

I dived onto the board and paddled out and ducked under waves and wated at the break. More waves came, I ducked under them.

I remembered the necklace. I looked down.

It was hanging on only just, it was about to drop off into the waters. I knew that something was letting go inside of me. But I also knew that I needed to look after this necklace carefully because I knew then that it represented my inner child.

I tied it onto the chord onto my back and surfed a bit more.