Understanding the universe

When Thich Nhat Hanh says that he sees a cloud within the tree – that is, he sees both as being the same thing, one assumes he is talking philosophically. When Thich Nhat Hanh says after he dies he will be perhaps a flower or a leaf of grass or a cloud, one assumes he is reassuring the young girl who asked him what will happen after death.

The same reality can be interpreted by different men in different ways, each using different instruments – or antennae to receive the information for processing.

Most remarkable amongst these men, are those that can understand the world and universe, then transcend their perspective and allow us to take a look through their antenna.

Richard Feynman can talk about the same things but from the perspective of physics.

Whether this antenna is mathematics, linguistics, chemistry or the visual arts, they are all ultimately related like the tree and the cloud.

If only every teacher at school was like this. Hearing such enthusiasm and passion about any subject can convince any child to keep dreaming, imagining and asking.