To the bottom of the ocean

In those moments, it did feel like the mind was expanding / releasing – opening, like the mouth on the pope’s fish-head hat.

Like a fish gulping cool waters – a herring fish, silvery and slipping through the currents of the Atlantic ocean, then suddenly going to deep waters. The deeper it is, the darker it gets. At some point the light stops, pure darkness – all the way down – and then it gets a bit scary and all too quiet …

Back up then, all the way to the light blue water which suddenly feels warmer, calmer and safer, surrounded by fellow herring.

Do I want to do this? Do I want to do that?

Going to the bottom of the ocean – where the surface felt far away wasn’t deep enough. Like Jung once said, one needs to go deeper into the subconscious. Further, till even the Earth feels far away.