When I was younger I used to play Tetris
on a black and white computer screen.
It was a Russian game
With backgrounds of scenes from an industrialised future
Usually at night:
Power stations
Rocket launch pads
Skylines of skyscrapers
Tower lights, crane lights, power cables, ventilation pipes and more
It was dream like
But manufactured.
Even as a eight year old boy in the early nineties
There was something strange and alluring about this future.
It was very foreign, almost extra-terrestrial.
It was a vision of the future.
There I was, in the attic,
On the old black and white Mac, click-clack
Clicking away,
Focused, as I placed L-shapes on top of rows of squares,
Clacking at dice-sized keyboard buttons, and I remember
I wanted to go this future place.
I wanted to go to this future time.

I was walking around the London Docklands the other day.
I walked from the Isle of Dogs to East India Quay.
I felt like I finally found this future.