Dartington Hall

Most will never notice,
The path through the grounds at Dartington Hall
will take you on a spiritual journey
through life.

The only clue is in the sign at the beginning.

I have walked through the grounds of Dartington Hall many times.
I walked past the sign so many times.
Now that I have read ‘The mythologies of India’ and read about Buddhism,
can I finally understand the significance of the ‘other shore’.

It was a beautiful day, just before Spring started.
I could smell spring in the air as I concentrated on my breathing.
I could feel the fecundity in the ground as I trod lightly.
I could see life waiting to appear as I kept my eyes open to the World around me.


Few of us will reach the ‘other shore’
but they that do, realise that the shore never existed
nor the sign that we walked past every time without noticing.